Information for promoters


Live Jukebox is a unique installation, only one in Europe, for all kinds of cultural and social events. Caravan designed as a jukebox from the fifties with a live band inside is suitable to cover changovers at festivals or as a attraction of your food-zone. It fits perfectly at your wedding or celebration. On the front panel visitor picks a song, the band inside gets the signal and they start to play it live. To fully simulate jukebox vibes, a coin can be required from the visitors when picking the song.


Live Jukebox is a complete service incl. transport, band, sound and lights all taken care of. All we need from you is a power socket. Band selection can be consulted. If needed we are able to power the Live Jukebox through our own generator.


Live Jukebox was part of most significant festivals in Czech Republic and Europe. You can regularly find it in Rock for People's chill zone. It was also part of Colours of Ostrava. Abroad we were part of Romanian festivals Electric Castle and Street Food Carvinal in Timisoara and Bucharest. You wouldn't miss us at 10th anniversary of Hard Rock Café Prague nor the 1st beer fest of Kutná Hora brewery and so many others. In the times of Coronavirus we teamed up with Rock for People to create RfP Home - only one concert series by that times possible due to restrictions. Across Czech Republic you could have seen Live Jukebox hosting Pokáč, Kapitán Demo, Gaia Mesiah, Vypsaná fiXa and John Wolfhooker. Recordings of those event's live broadcasts can be found below.