Unique live jukebox for

Reserve a date
Spice up your food-court
Turn your bar into a dancefloor
Make your after party excellent
Cover changeovers at festival
Brighten your wedding or birthday
Drive your company event

What is Live Jukebox?

Take a trailer, give it the looks of a jukebox from 50s and throw a band inside. That's the best way to describe Live Jukebox.

Visitor inserts a coin, picks a song and the band inside of Live Jukebox plays it live. It can be decided to play in Happy hour mode, where visitors can pick songs for free.

Whatever you're up to - festival, wedding, corporate event or birthday party - Live Jukebox fits everywhere.

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Where could you see Live Jukebox in action?

Rock For People
Electric Castle
Colours Of Ostrava
Street Food Carnival
Hard Rock Café
Kryštof Kemp
Festival Kefír
Pivovar Staropramen
Manifesto Market
Pivovar Ostravar
Nouvelle Prague
Festival Brod1995

Rock For People Home

In the times of Coronavirus we teamed up with Rock for People to create RfP Home - only one concert series by that times possible due to restrictions. Across Czech Republic you could have seen Live Jukebox hosting Pokáč, Kapitán Demo, Gaia Mesiah, Vypsaná fiXa and John Wolfhooker. Live broadcasts by Mall.tv

Do you want Live Jukebox at your event?

Send us details about your event (location, date) to livejukebox@skybrand.cz

Or just call us right away +420 777 202 655

Info package for promoters can be found here